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X-ray machines
Office Fluorographic Mobile at the Trailer Base Special CFP-C-RP

Inside the van is divided into two parts by a sliding partition made of translucent polycarbonate: a procedural room and a medical staff office.

In the treatment room is a digital fluorography. Patients enter the Cabinet through one door, and leave it through another. This allows a sharp increase in the capacity of the fluorograph. At the same time, up to three people can be dressed in the treatment room. Above each door is a thermal curtain for use in the cold season.

In the office of the medical staff is:

ARM X-ray laboratory technician;
A bedside table;
Air conditioning;
Complete set КФП-Ц-РП (on the basis of the trailer special)

ProScan-2000 or ProScan-7000: X-ray protection cabin, high-frequency feeder, emitter, slotted diaphragm, silicon detector, bactericidal irradiator, power storage (can also be equipped with fluorograph ProMatrix-4000);
Workstation X-ray lab: a computer with a graphic monitor 20 inches, a table, an armchair;
Radiologist's workplace (installed in the hospital): a computer with a 20-inch monochrome monitor and a 19-inch graphic monitor, a desk, an armchair, a laser printer, a thermal printer;
Sofa, wardrobe for the staff overcoat, bedside table, washbasin, air conditioning;
Forced ventilation, two systems of thermal curtains and a system for accelerated heating of the cabinet.

The presence of X-ray protection cabin, which is especially important, given that the radiologist and laboratory technician are at a close distance from the fluorograph during the entire working time.
Convenient arrangement of the fluorograph in front of the Cabinet in such a way that patients, among whom there are also patients, from the street get directly to the treatment room, do not pass by the doctor and the laboratory assistant and may not come into direct contact with them.
Possible version of the Cabinet with complete isolation of doctors from the treatment room. Communication in this case occurs through a loud two-way communication. Observation can be carried out both through a transparent partition, and on a monitor with a video camera installed in the fluorograph booth.
A spacious procedural with independent entrance and exit, giving the opportunity to prepare for three patients at the same time.

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