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Computer Tomograph NeuViz 128

Remarkable clarity and accuracy

NeuViz 128 is the latest technological innovation of Neusoft. This emerging NEW product provides increased cost by reducing operating costs and improving the flow of work through the wise use of advanced clinical technologies. NeuViz 128 brings remarkable clarity and accuracy to CT images.

High-quality image processing

The effective integration of high-resolution hardware and software results in excellent image quality and diagnostics.
Quad-Sampling: dynamically moving the focal spot in the axial and longitudinal direction, the sampling density increases by 400%. This means improved resolution, reduced artifact and extended scan ranges.
Micro-STAR detector: iHD (isotropic high-definition) allows you to get half the cut, which provides isotropic resolution of 24lp / cm.

• Exclusive detector Quad Sampling and Micro-STAR allows you to obtain high-resolution images
• iHD (isotropic high definition) visualization provides high spatial resolution: 24lp / cm
• Complex low-dose design with ClearView adds diagnostic certainty to low dose imaging
• Reliable, low-dose cardiac imaging provides superior coronary artery visualization
• A powerful workstation offers a full range of clinical applications with an optimizing workflow.

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