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Computer Tomograph NeuViz 16 Classic

NeuViz 16 Classic from Neusoft offers economical 16-slice computerized tomography with multidetector capabilities for maximum patient throughput in an exceptionally compact design.

New detector

An integrated detector with the DAS system significantly improves the signal to noise ratio, while the widest detector coverage in its class provides high-resolution scanning, shorter respiration time, a lower patient dose, and improved patient comfort.


Modulation of DoseRight without compromising image quality

Neusoft is constantly looking for ways to reduce the risk of radiation, extending the benefits of image imaging technology. NeuViz 16 Classic embodies this commitment with maximum dose efficiency in the market.

NeuViz 16 Classic offers DoseRight modulation optimization tools that improve the user interface, improve image quality and save patient dose to 50%.


Patented Dynamic Focusing Technology

The dynamic focal spot provides ultra-high spatial resolution in axial and spiral scanning by selectively measuring two fan beams alternately, doubling the reconstruction data samples.


Unique integrated software technologies - CAD software solutions

NeuViz 16 Classic offers a complete set of unique software solutions for CAD to provide confidence in diagnoses and provide a competitive advantage over other CT scanners.

Economical 16-segment scanner supports high-tech care at a lower price
Handset 4.0 MHU with a powerful high-voltage generator with a capacity of 50 kW
24-mm volumetric coverage and 0.75 mm slices provide extended motion-sensitive applications
Advanced algorithms create impressive image quality for routine neuro-spelling images
The DoseRight design provides optimum dose efficiency without compromising image quality
Maximum patient capacity with exceptionally compact design
The operator console creates an efficient environment for the acquisition, reconstruction and subsequent processing
A remote service package links your scanner directly to the online service center

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