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Computer Tomograph NeuViz 16 Essence

NeuViz 16 Essence is the latest example of Neusoft's commitment to innovation and values. The technology, once recommended for high-tech CT systems, is now available in a 16-slice platform. The ability to provide this level of technology will allow doctors to provide a higher level of patient care.
Advanced technology, proven for CT systems of premium class. Accurate visualization for accurate diagnosis. Effective detector design. A package of low-dose applications. Comprehensive clinical applications. Effective design, optimized workflow.
The minimum afterglow of the detector allows to collect 4640 projections per turn. The efficiency of X-ray conversion is 99.99%.
- The increased coverage area of ​​the detector results in greater anatomical coverage per revolution, shorter scanning times and minimization of the radiation dose to the patient.
- Adaptive collimation controls the change in scan patterns, reducing movement and pulsating artifacts.

Full-scale low-dose solutions

NeuViz 16 Essence has a complete set of tools to reduce the radiation dose for the patient. Provision of minimum dose levels for patients is achieved without compromising image quality, as well as extending the life of the tube.


Algorithm for interactive reconstruction ClearView-Advanced

By performing interactive processing in the image projection space, the patient dose can be minimized without compromising quality.


NeuViz 16 Essence provides a user-friendly interface that increases the efficiency of the workflow.

Extended list of applications

- Vessel analysis

- Perfusion of the brain

- Lung module analysis

- Tumor analysis

- Virtual colonoscopy


- Perfusion of the body

- Assessment of lung density

- Fat analysis

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