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Computer Tomograph NeuViz 64 IN

Flagship product, innovative design, more advantages ...

The NeuViz 64 In design is based on the development of Neusoft Medical System technologies over two decades and the experience accumulated by more than 5000 customers using Neusoft technology. NeuViz 64 In was developed in cooperation with the German industrial engineering company. NeuViz 64 In is patient oriented, technologically oriented and focused on radiologists, which gives a new experience.

New design, caring for patients and technicians

The portal ring is designed to change the color to inform the patient about the scan stage at which they are located. This allows them to be aware and inform, reducing anxiety.
The built-in LCD panel provides accurate and accurate display of the current operating status, patient information, breath navigation, as well as ECG and scan parameters.
Entertainment graphics entertains the patient and soothes him. This is especially effective with pediatric patients.
A distinct new design of the control panels includes larger grips, which are easier to work with.

• Thoughtful design offers you a pleasant aesthetic pleasure
• Unique Quad-Sampling technology, improves collection density and increases scanning speed
• O-Dose platform in combination with ClearView Iterative Reconstruction technology provides true images of ALARA
• Reliable cardiac applications change the complex examination to conventional scanning
• A powerful workstation facilitates your clinical application with a seamless workflow

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