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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Echostar 1.5T

MRI system AllTech Echostar 1.5T is a newly developed imaging system, offering an advanced, but practical and affordable tomography. It is designed for easy operation and a long service life, at the same time, offering all the features provided by more expensive systems. Starting with a clean sheet, the developers allowed themselves to include features that are not available in other systems.

Features include:
RF coils that incorporate a unique combination function that allows any combination of coils to be connected together. The system automatically detects combinations of coils, optimizes the selection element, and selects the required application sequences. Effective operation and maintenance of the system has also been fully integrated into the design. A unique external interface allows remote system optimization, troubleshooting and real-time help, allowing the user to solve issues or problems quickly and efficiently. The newly developed multichannel spectrometer can operate in 16-channel mode, using the latest technologies and software. Effective application packages allow you to get images faster without loss in quality.

Superconducting magnet
Magnetic resonance system EchoStar 1.5T uses a high-performance superconducting magnet MA-1 independently developed by AllTech Medical Systems, and has completely independent intellectual property. A magnet of the MA-1 type at l.5T has a very high homogeneity, a high uniform magnetic field is such that the dynamic shimming of the patient passes very quickly and a large survey can be obtained in 50 cm of scanning, including the entire lower part of the vascular limb, neck, also provides a more convenient off-center image. EchoStar aperture of 60 cm that gives additional advantages.

Size: 1740 × 2080 × 2415 (L × W × H), mm
The best homogeneity of the magnet (normal, based on V-RMS):
10cm DSV: u <0.002ppm
20cm DSV: u <0.02ppm
30cm DSV: u <0.06ppm
40cm DSV: u <0.20ppm
45cm DSV: u <0.78ppm
50cm DSV: u <1.56ppm
The boiling point of helium: <0.001
Helium replenishment period:> 10 Years
The emergency shutdown system of the magnet is designed to quickly bring the magnet into a safe state in emergency situations
A compact magnet is designed to minimize the edge field.
5 Gauss = 3.8 mx 2.7 m (axial x radial)
1 Gauss = 5.1 m х 3.9 m (axial x radial)
Weight of dry magnet 5500kg
Allows you to use a variety of patient inspection applications
Allows better access to the patient by the operator
Landing diameter 60 cm
Positioning of the patient
Light-laser alignment, axial, sagittal, coronal base plane
Dual control panel

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