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PET Computer Tomograph NeuSight 64

Innovative PET / CT for high-quality clinical examinations


As a key means of molecular imaging in the 21st century, PET / CT will provide a variety of valuable information to support functional imaging in studies of metabolites and neurological receptors in combination with anatomical information from CT.

Creation of a convenient visual experience with crossover innovations, widescreen capture, free switching and a single workflow for automatic quantitative analysis.

New advanced technology

NeuSight PET / KT is a novelty from Neusoft Medical Systems. Combined anatomical and functional imaging with qualified design and technology, multiple molecular imaging to scan the tumor, brain and heart for a complete study of the disease. Excellent data collection technology provides improved scanning speed and accuracy of analysis. Integrated molecular visualization platform with extended workstation, data management and analysis system. Qualified design, scanning, accurate visualization and many functions to meet a variety of needs in the clinic.

1. The Gentry system
PET Gantry
Diaphragm: 720 mm Scanning area: 700 mm CT Gantry
Diaphragm: 720 mm Scanning area: 700 mm Rotation time: 0.5 s, 0.6 s, 0.8 s, 1.0 s, 1.5 s, 2.0 s
Partial scan time (240 °): 0.32 s, 0.39 s, 0.52 s, 0.65 s, 0.97 s, 1.3 s

2. PET data collection system
Detector material: BGO detector size 4.7X4.7X30mm Number of scintillators: 17424 Number of PMTs: 576 Number of rings: 33 Axial field: 168 mm Transverse field: 700 mm Ring diameter: 856 mm
High sensitivity
· The strongest photon load capacity and non-original radiation crystal.
· Thick crystal design with a large effective detection zone.
The technology of self-correction of energy on the crystal improves the counting rate in each crystal in the modules and sensitivity to the system
A high resolution
Clear the detection technology HONEY-COMB:
Modules of PET detectors use patented asymmetric technology with controlled light, improving the accuracy of event decoding and uniform sampling of the module signal.
IPIE location technology:
Identification of the crystal position uses IPIE (lsopycne position identification gain) to significantly improve positioning accuracy and image resolution.

3. KT data collection system
Maximum. Generator power: 50 kW Max. number of tracks / rotation: 64
Number of lines of detectors: 32
Number of detector elements: 672 × 32 Detector:
· SNR improvement up to 30% compared to conventional CT detectors;
· Down to 1us ~ 2us decay time for the second scan;
· Ultra-low afterglow;
· Special design for minimizing electronic noise; High geometric efficiency

4. 4. X-ray tube
Handset CTR2250 Current tube range 30 mA ~ 420 mA
The voltage on the pipe is 80 kV, 100 kV, 120 kV, 140 kV. Accumulator of anode thermal storage: 5.0 MHz. Cooling coefficient: 815 kHz / min.
Focal spot Size: 0.6 × 1.2 (small) 1.1 × 1.2 (large)

5. Table top
Maximum. table Load: 227 kg / 500 lbs Feed rate of the table: 1 mm / s-160 mm / s
Vertical table / travel range: 600 mm -1030 mm Vertical speed: 12 mm / s
Scanning range: 1900 mm

6. Host computer system
High-performance computer: Host: Intel® Xeon® E5-1620 v2 PETRecon: Intel® Xeon® E5-1620 v2
CTRecon: Intel Xeon E5620 2.40GHZ * 2 processors Standard monitor: flat screen monitor 34 "(86.5 cm) 2560 x 1,080 Resolution
RAM: Host: ≥16 GB PETRecon: ≥32 GB CTRecon: ≥32 GB
Image Storage: Host: 1 TB * 2
PETRecon: 2TB + 1TB CTRecon: 250 GB + 500 GB * 3

7. AVW Workstation System
The AVW workstation provides the unique advantage of an effective multimode diagnostic workflow in one workstation. He manages clinical diagnostic workflow at any point in the clinical environment
High-performance computer: Dell Precision
Standard monitor: 19 "flat screen monitor
RAM: 16 GB Storage of images: 500 GB + 1 TB
DICOM Viewer: included on each CD; Automatically starts on the viewer's PC

8. Registrar
· Intellectual process
· Enter the pointer, tap the column to enter.
· Timeout, Automatic reminder - The next patient is in the queue.
· Anatomic position, protocol, convenient user interface (UI)
· The key to the scan mode.
Real-time monitor.

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