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X-ray machines
Digital Radiographic System Rad Glory 311

Optimum design
Leading in the world digital detectors of flat panels a-Si with high spatial resolution, clear image and high adaptability to temperature and humidity
LCD-touch screen, with a neat, elegant appearance, strong performance, rich in anatomical program function radiography (APR), is able to accurately monitor photographic conditions
Intelligent software design provides multi-positioning
Examination programs with flexible technology "one touch" - one touch

Perfect display
The technology of large-format image processing can adapt to all the requirements of photographing different parts of the body in different states
The latest design of UC-Arm and a detector with ± 45 ° protection provides all photos without zero areas
A complete electronic system with low noise and high reliability is very competent for complex power supplies
Automatic software for fault detection is equipped with several device security systems, has durability and low operating costs
Exceptional image
High-frequency inverter technology 400KHz generates X-rays with high quality and saturation, with lower dose, clear image and clear structures of the human body
A 100% fill factor guarantees the absence of unobserved areas, showing an accurate diagnosis
Powerful platform
Fully functional, professional image collection and processing system; real-time image processing, a technology with an image acquisition cycle shorter than 5 seconds
Fully compatible; supports the DICOM protocol; seamlessly linked to RIS / HIS / PACS; it is easy to implement remote consultations and diagnostics
Excellent speed of image processing; high reading coefficients; high conversion efficiency

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