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X-ray machines
Digital Radiographic System Rad Glory 331

Innovative spirit
Selecting the best components for world quality in conjunction with AllTech promotes the integration of R & D and quality control. AllTech strives to realize innovations and constantly occupies new heights of digital images
Unlimited intelligent device in standby mode with automatic warning of a malfunction
Software, electronic, mechanical triple protection; Built-in fault detection for fault messages

Ultra-fast accurate shooting
Ultra-fast display speed significantly increases the efficiency of work;
direct visualization, 5 seconds to represent a panoramic image without waiting, continuous shooting
Short workflow significantly reduces the complexity of radiotherapy
Support barcode reader, worklist, emergency registration of patients and many other registration modes, effectively simplifies the workflow
Chain (sequential) display of pictures
Innovative technologies of integration and image processing, accumulated for many years, provides high-quality images and each photo meets the requirements of clinical diagnosis

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