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Digital Mammograph Angell Eye

The x-ray mammography unit Angell Eye is designed for screening and diagnostic studies. The system is equipped with a light C-shaped holder and convenient control panel, is reliable in operation and provides high quality images and comfort for the patient at a low radiation dose.
The Angell Eye mammography system is designed for high-quality mass and individual mammography studies using various projections and enlargement regimes.
The technical capabilities of Angell Eye mammography.
- The Angell Eye system features meet the latest requirements for breast diagnosis. The Angell Eye Mammogram is one of the best mammographs on the Chinese market. The mammogram Angell Eye has been applied with the most advanced technical achievements. An x-ray tube with a double focal length, a rotating molybdenum anode and a beryllium window is used.
- The tripod allows you to rotate at an angle of + 145 degrees, which creates additional comfort for patients. There is a vertical movement to a distance of 630 mm, so that patients of different height would be comfortable. The limiting force of the compression plate (18 kg) is controlled by the microprocessor.
- A modern solid-state X-ray direct conversion detector is used. Automatic exposure control provides a minimum radiation dose for patients. There are automatic and semi-automatic control modes from the control panel (voltage change (kV) on the tube and maximum charge (mA)), 15 degrees of image density for different exposure options, 9 programs for various screen / film combinations.

- Digital detector from Angell
- IAE X-Ray tube
- High-frequency generator
- C-arm stand
- Compressor
- Collimator
- Angell Workstation
- Computer for description
- Medical monitor
- Switch
- Apron for nurses
- Lead glass

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