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Digital Mammograph MamCare 341

Optimal design
Edge cut technology
World-class equipment with clean lines and a bright appearance
Iso-Centric world-class technology with precise orientation, which is easy to use as needed

The choice of an amorphous selenium flat detector as an image carrier, whose ultra-high spatial resolution allows MamCare341 to achieve a mapping of the smallest structural abnormalities in the mammary gland tissue;
24cm * 30cm large flat panel size, up to ten million pixels, for best detail display

The anode material of the X-ray tube made of tungsten and molybdenum alloy, which guarantees the best penetration, while at the same time minimizing the absorption of the breast irradiation dose, yields improved images at any density of the mammary gland

“μPress smart compression system

Accurate compression; the pressure display can be incredibly accurate; minimum compression accuracy, thickness is only 1 mm

Available auto / manual compression and decompression modes can be set

In addition, equipped with an intelligent sensor, the compression plate can immediately be released after exposure, and reduce the compression time to the maximum extent, thus facilitating discomfort

Zero function

The pressure that can be applied to a tumor-related clinical operation

CAD-system of automated diagnostics (selectively)

Integrated with the CAD system, the software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to detect potential damage to the breast, whose identification results will be marked with different symbols on the original image according to different types of damage

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