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Ultrasound devices
Ultrasound Device AU-6 Pro

Model AU-6 Pro is a fully digital ultrasound diagnostic system of expert class with color Doppler and the ability to implement 4D technology. The system provides the possibility to optimize image quality in the format of broadband digital beam formation (DBF), as well as dynamic focusing (DRF), real-time dynamic aperture (RDA) technology, fabric harmonic mode (THI), color Doppler, panoramic and 3D image display and other functions.
Scanner applications:
• abdominal examinations;
• Obstetrics;
• gynecology;
• urology;
• research of small organs;
• Diagnosis of peripheral vessels;
• Cardiology;
• Orthopedics;
• pediatrics.
• The AU-6 Pro is successfully used in cardiac studies with the use of a special phased sensor and continuous wave Doppler technology. The extended cardio package includes: Color-M, CDFI, CW, TDI, HPRF, Anotomical M-mode, Stress Echo, Auto IMT measurement .

• 19 inch LCD monitor;
• 3 ports for connecting sensors (3 active, one holder);
• 8-segment TGC adjustment;
• built-in hard drive 500GB;
• Built-in DVD-RW;
• sliding keyboard;
• Scan modes: B, 2B, 4B, M, B / M, Zoom B, Color Flow, PW, CW, B + C, B + PW, B + C + PW;
• THI tissue harmonics;
• SRT image adjustment;
• Compound Imaging - composite image;
• anatomical M mode;
• Elastography - sonoelastography;
• 3D real-time image - 4D;
• Trapezoidal Imaging-trapezoidal image;
• CW Doppler;
• Multifrequency sensors (5-th frequencies);
• range of frequencies from 1.7 MHz to 12 MHz (depending on the sensor);
• maximum scanning angle - 180;
• maximum depth of scanning - 30 cm;
• increase - from 1 to 8 times;
• the possibility of applying biopsy attachments;
• Built-in ports: USB-2pcs., Video Out, port for printer connection, RJ-45 NIC, VGA, FootSwitch, S-Video Out
• DICOM 3.0;
Sensors in the kit for the ultrasonic device AU-6 Pro
• linear sensor (5-12MHz);
• Convex sensor (2.0-6.0MHz);
• transvaginal sensor (5-12MHz)
• phased cardio sensor
• Volumetric 4 D sensor
The weight of the apparatus is 80 kg.

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