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Ultrasound devices
Ultrasound Device New AU-6 Pro

The NEW AU-6 Pro is a digital ultrasound diagnostic system with a new generation of color doppler.
Host system
The new main host AU-6 (4 sockets for the probe)
Digital image processing module in grayscale
Digital Color Doppler Unit
Block for display and analysis of pulsed Doppler pulses
Digital photoprinter for Doppler imaging, directional Doppler power
DBF-Digital Beam
High-resolution LCD display with a diagonal of 21.5 inches and a touch screen of 10.1 inches
1T Hard Drive
360 ° Articulated bracket LCD monitor
Ergonomic multi-directional control panel for illumination with laser cutting
Built-in DVD-RW drive
Stereo Speaker System
Wheel lock mechanism
Sino-English interface

Detector / Scanner
One 2 to 6 MHz frequency convex probe
One linear probe with a frequency of 5-12 MHz
One internal frequency sensor with a frequency of 5-12 MHz
One variable frequency is 2-4 MHz. Heart probes (option)
One 2-6 MHz frequency 4D probe (option)

Image mode
PW (pulsed Doppler pulse)
Doppler power
Directional Doppler Power

Imaging technologies
Technology of echo-synthetic echo technology
2D model of Spatial Compounding Imaging
Technology for improving the face
Noise Reduction Technology
(THI) Technology of tissue harmonic image processing
(LGC) Lateral gain compensation
8-segment THC
Automatic THC (Time Compensation)
High-quality local scaling technology
Technology of pseudo-color image processing
Automatic technology for measuring envelopes spectrum
Automatic Spectrum Correction Technology
Display Mode
Single display in real time
Dual real-time display: top / bottom and left / right
2D, color and PW simultaneous display
Square Display

Measurement and analysis
Conventional measurements
Measurements of obstetrics
GYN measurements
Urological measurements
Measurement of small parts
Vascular measurements
Quick automatic annotation software package

Data management
Cine Loop
Standard PC format: JPG, BMP, TIFF, AVI
I / O ports: VGA, USB, HDMI, Ethernet port
Integrated Medical Report Management Team
Integrated report output unit
Online after-sales service

Power cable / ground cable

4D image (option)
4D is a block (including hardware and software)
4D is a display module (one, double, four images)
4D (image processing, editing, measurement)
4D Image Storage

ZPRE elastography (option)
Elastographic module
Software for analysis of elastography
Zero-Phase Offset Technology
PSO stamping technology
Elastography composite technology
Elastographic Frequency Composite Technology

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